2003-08-17 @ 10:39 p.m.

The candy popped in my mouth. An explosion of taste. Sugartease. Sweet intoxicant. Nothing more than that. Nothing but sugarflow. Sweet, empty sugarflow. Carefree pleasure. Lighthearted delight. Joy on a stick. Lollipops of sugartaste. Sugartaste and nothing more.

You're only good for one thing, sugarflow. You're only fit for one task. Sugarflow, candy-coated, easily digestible treat. Sugarflow, you're empty, but you don't mind, do you? Sugarflow is empty, empty and dead. Sugarflow is the sugarcorpse.

Sugarcorpse, you're empty. A candy-coated sugartease.


Listening to: "Sugar High" by Coyote Shivers

I am currently consuming Pixie Stix. I'll be on a sugar high all night...

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