Disconnected Boy.
2003-10-03 @ 11:49 p.m.

Static voices scream from your open mouth
And the flickering image of a disconnected boy
Skips and jumps and runs into an oblivion
A black void
And into a bright flash
From empty eye-screens
And you spoke, but your words didn't match
The movement of your lips
Your voice was hazy;
We're getting a bad reception
So I angle your arms and legs so that you
Pick up the signals just right
And I knock you over...
Damage you
Turn you off
And I run into the oblivion of
Your empty eye-screens
'Cause they plead for a distorted moment
A skipping, flickering moment
Of televised emotion

Electric tears stream down
Your circuit face
And the electrical outlets
Spark and pop and burn
With a synthesized love
An artificial lust

And in our virtual daydreams
And digital dances
We side-step reality
Until we flicker and fade.

The hazy image of a disconnected boy
He flickered and faded.

And we're left with a white noise
That plays itself in our minds
Our background noise
Until we flicker and fade.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"And to my disdain, things burn quickly. Happiness is temporary, replaced by a temporary frustration. I question what I'm doing, who I am, where I'm going. The answers are as vague as ever. I just keep side-stepping reality." _____________

Listening to: "Fake Frowns" by Death Cab for Cutie & "Neverender" by Coheed and Cambria & "Bittersweet" by New Model Army

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