The Trip
2003-12-15 @ 11:54 p.m.

Out tonight. Out for dinner. Out to fuck. Out to cause havoc. Out to smoke. Out to drink. Out to lunch? Too late for that -or just too early?

Out for trouble; 4 AM, late night escapade, just not on the couch with Leno starin' back. No remote controls to change the channels. Cigarette smoke; talkin' under the overpass. Over the underpass? Can't remember. Liquor impedes brain activity; a temporary amnesia, a temporary stupidity; a temporary absence from life already lived.

A pill in mouth takes things faster; REM outside of sleep. The haggard homeless preach philosophies to junkies shootin' up beneath cloudless skies and starry eyes. Starry eyes shut tonight.

You're not welcome.

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