And The Wind Made A Sound
2005-09-06 @ 3:10 a.m.

She can't sleep but that's typical.
She can't dream but she's fine.
She can't breathe but she's not suffocating.
She only comes down when it's time.
Seven o'clock on the dot, she'll jump fences just to be here.
She skips rope when she finds that time.
She scrapes her knees on the sidewalk when she's running there.
She can't find meaning in her metaphors.
She mixes cliches for fun.
She laughs when the wind blows.
She climbs the trees when she's supposed to be there.
She'll jump fences just to be here.
She can't remember her last name.
She finds forever in a second but she won't remember that tomorrow.
She changes only when the leaves do.
Her moods change with the seasons.

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