Jim Norton
2003-06-24 @ 10:28 p.m.

Today I had a very interesting conversation with Jim Norton, a comedian who is a regular on "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn". My friend somehow managed to aquire his screen name, and she wanted me to bother him. I have a colorful array of online pranks to choose from, and all serve the same purpose, to bother people. I decided to go with my "Chinese Water Torture" one, but I didn't even get far with it. He didn't even respond!!!! ACK!!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Me: Hi
Me: I am conducting a study reseaching how long it takes certain types of people to go insane while being subject to traditional chinese water torture.
Me: What I need are volunteers to sign up for the FREE chinese water torture sessions
Me: These are QUALITY Chinese Water Torture sessions...
Me: usually, each would run you up about $50, but with this LIMITED TIME offer, you will get all the sessions you want at NO COST!
Me: I can see I'm not convincing you
Me: I will be willing to offer Kool-Aid, all the damn Kool-Aid you want
Me: Your pick of flavor...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Notice how the entire conversation consists of ME. I was so angry...I was REJECTED...I feel so worthless now...*sob*. Not really. I was convinced he was going to play along, most people with a sense of humor do. He's a perverted, little, bald man, you'd expect him to respond!

I'll have to stick to randombuddy.com for people to annoy now. Randombuddy is a heaven-sent gift. I doubt I can get another "celebrity" screen name, though I could hardly consider Jim Norton a celebrity, but, he's much more important than I am, so, I guess you could call him that.


Listening to: "Ex Lover's Lover" by Voltaire (this song is so funny)

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