How low can I go? Oh, I can go VERY low...
2003-06-26 @ 8:49 p.m.

Well, today I ventured through a CrAzY (dont' you just hate it when people write like that?) maze of unexpected twists.

Finally, after much deliberation, and listening endlessly to the persuasive words of my friends, I gave "Inti" the link to this diary, so that she could read what I had written about her in my previous entry. I had started to feel guilty about it, so, I sent her the link (surprise, surprise, who knew I had a conscience?). I was surprised to see her reaction, she was TRULY offended. I had done this before, MANY times, and in the end, people usually tend to laugh it off, maybe call me a "whore" or a "bitch" in a playful way, but that's it...

Well, anyway, here's the conversation I had with her earlier today

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Me: Hello
Inti: oh hi
Me: I'm sorry, we could not pick you up this morning...
Me: We didn't have your information...
Inti: um its k i dindt want do it anyways
Me: LOL...
Me: you honestly think I'm SERIOUS
Inti: whats so funny?
Inti: i dont know
Me: go there...
Me: and do yourself a favor...please...
Inti: um k
Me: did you read it?
Inti: hoe
Inti: bitch
Me: am NOT a farm tool...
Me: no, I am not a dog...
Inti: go to hell bitch
Inti: fuckin whore
Me: LOL...
Me: I don't believe in hell...
Me: I'm an atheist...
Me: I fuck whores?
Me: I don't recall ever doing so, but if you say so...
Inti: u just do this cuz ur aa fucking bitch with no life
Inti: plz my ass
Me: Yes, I have no life...
Me: this is fun...
Inti: your no atheist bitch
Inti: u dont even have religion whore
Me: do you KNOW what atheism IS?
Me: atheism means I HAVE no religion
Inti: yes i do bitch
Me: I believe in no "god" or "devil", etc
Inti: do u tihnk i am stupid
Me: Yes
Inti: i think i know that
Me: are you sure?
Inti: bitch but i think u should go to hell and burn and then i ll fucking haunt u in ur dreams bitch for u dont know ho the fuck i am and what i can do to u
Me: LOL...what the hell are you?
Me: you're so funny
Me: don't tell me
Me: you're one of those HotTopic kids that listen to Korn, aren't you?
Me: they're the ones who threaten people like that...
Me: lol
Me: this is too much fun
Inti: get to know me better bitch
Me: I wouldn't like to
Inti: look ur just wastin my time and i am not go as low as u alright
Inti: look ur the one with no life and the stupid shit u fuckin invinted man whore
Me: OK, I know, I go low...
Me: invinted?
Me: that isn't a word...
Inti: waste ur time in somthin else and get a boyfriend and stop wasting ur time with people whore
Me: Yes, I have NO life whatsoever...uh huh...
Inti: perfect slaught!!
Me: I HAVE a boyfriend...
Me: slaught?!
Inti signed off at 7:07:20 PM.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Um, yeah, I can just be the perfect little bitch, can't I? I didn't expect her to go "flying off the handle" as they say. Like I said before, most people just laugh it off.

I like how she called me "slaught", she meant "slut" by the way, if anyone was wondering. I also liked the "I'm going to haunt you in your dreams" crap. Um, interesting how some people deal with anger. Empty threats really don't scare me...Oh, and yes, I DID enjoy this. I get a rush from it, almost like being "high", intoxicated, with the most powerful stimulant drug out there. I like making people feel stupid, and making other people think that the specific person is stupid. Call me insensitive and mean, I don't care...I take pride when people give me such compliments...


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