Mirror Romance
2003-08-25 @ 8:44 p.m.

Sweet emptiness, and no one listens to what you have to say. So you've improvised, and created a mirror romance. Mirror romance with yourself and the girl you see staring back. Staring noisily, though making no sound at all.

...and you love her, yet you hate her, and you can't stop staring at her, and you need her, need to see her, need to be with her. Always.

...and what's her name, that girl in the mirror?

...and what's her name, that girl who stares back?

Vanity. Your hands tremble. Your body trembles. Are you cold, or scared now? Scared of losing touch with her. Scared of touching her? Do you dare to touch her? Dare touch the face of the girl in the mirror?

...and are you afraid you'll find out who she is?

...and what's her name, that girl in the mirror?

Vanity. Sweet Vanity. Empty Vanity. She's you.

...and you love her, and you hate her, yet you can't get enough.

Vanity is savage. Vanity doesn't care.

Vanity sees herself, and sees nothing wrong.

Vanity, you're flawed. Marred.

...and still no scars show.

Vanity sees nothing wrong.


Listening to: "Fairytales Tell Lies" by Cursive

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