Oxygen Thief
2003-09-20 @ 10:01 p.m.

I'd give up one breath, maybe two, just to see myself struggle. Just to put up a fight. Throwing punches at the threat of asphixiation. Choking, and breathing seems overrated now.

I can do this, I can go a life without inhaling a breath, or so it seems. I can live a forever without acidic oxygen, stealing the room in our lungs for itself. Thief.

I hold my breath for a minute, and it's been a forever.

Two minutes gone, and it's a forever too long.

Three, and my world is a blur. Purple-faced, eyes watering, and I'm kicking at the threat of asphixiation. Choking, and breathing seems a savior now.

I take a breath, and the oxygen steals the space in my lungs. Acidic oxygen, burning at this hollow.

Now I'm the one greedy for oxygen, an Oxygen Thief.

Oxygen Thief who'd gladly give this oxygen away.

I hold my breath once more, and I count...

One, two, three seconds gone by in my head, and they seem like a forever. Four, five, six, and it seems a forever too long.

The Oxygen Theif is at it again, only to be at it again, and again, and again.

Inhale for me, Oxygen Thief, every breath you take is stolen from someone who needs it more than you.


Listening to: "Oxygen Thief" by Placebo

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