My Theology
2003-12-01 @ 9:57 p.m.

Fuck around without your
precious rubbers;
medicate your immorality;
make yourself a puppet
dependent on pills for
create an alcoholic
defiance and
dance to the turning tables of
the cigarette smoke
caught in
my hair
-was that subliminal
enough for
you? You see,
I'm just trying to be
a bad influence.

Lets drive backwards through
crowded streets and alleys and
backyards -maybe houses- and
forget the pleases and thank
. Excuse mes are a thing
of the past, so we'll bump shoulders
from time to time, just don't expect
an apology.

To be impolite and vulgar and
brusque is an escape from what we're
expected to be
-fucking angels.
But you know what? Even angels can
deviate from what's expected of
them, from the behaviors that are
awaited of them.

The Devil Himself fell 'cause he
had a mind of his own.

I hope to be fortunate enough to fall.

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I made a vow to update daily from now on, seeing as I've been horrible at updating as of late...

Lets see how long I'll keep this up.

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